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A wide selection of our organic meats is available on our farm and at Keune Authentic Foods on County C, two miles south of Seymour.  You can also place a larger order with us and pick it up at a local meat processor.


Grass-Fed Certified Organic Beef:

Most any cut of beef you'd find in a store you can get from us too. Large orders should be placed in advance to ensure availability. You can also request a quarter, half, or whole organic beef, and we'll supply it as it becomes available.

Certified Organic Pork:

We offer all the traditional cuts of organic pork as well as brats, breakfast links, hams, and bacon. We can also sell a half or whole organic hog that you can have cut to your specifications.

You can buy meat from us in two ways: by the individual packages that we have in our freezers or by ordering a quarter, half or whole animal to be cut to your specifications by one of our local processors.

When ordering a quarter animal you will be ordering a mixed quarter. You will be sharing cuts from both the front and back half of an animal with another customer.


To purchase individual cuts, stop by our farm or call/email and ask us for a current price list.  We are a licensed retail outlet and carry our frozen, packaged pork and beef here on the farm.  It has been processed by the local state-inspected butchers listed at the bottom of this page.

Email or call us, and we'll gladly answer any questions about orders, current prices, and what we have in stock.

If purchasing a quarter, half, or whole animal, our current price (based on carcass weight, not including processing costs) is:


Organic pork -- $2.25/lb        Organic, grass-fed beef -- $3.75/lb


Our Local Processors:


Roskom Meats
Kaukauna, WI

Otto's Meats
Luxemburg, WI

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