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  • Our Services
    A Renew Crew specializes in: -Cleaning -Painting -General minor repairs What we specialize in servicing: -Vacant small to medium sized rental units such as apartments & condos -Vacant small commercial & private offices -Vacant storage units *Please note, we only work in VACANT units. This means that no individuals may be living in, operating in, or present in the units while we are working due to liability and the nature of our work along with the chemicals we use. If a tenant has been evicted, or willingly moved, we will require proof before work begins. We will not work in any condemned units or properties with excessive mold / mildew or units with a current or former presence of pests such as bed bugs, roaches, rats, mice, bats and the like.
  • What do our services include?
    Our cleaning services include: -Wood surfaces -Windows and glass surfaces -Carpets, hard floors, wood floors -Total bathroom coverage -Stoves, ovens, and other metal surfaces -Outlet covers and other items such as doorknobs, faucets, drains, fans, and heater vents. Our painting services include: -Wood surfaces -Walls and ceilings -Closets in rooms and bathrooms -Metal surfaces such as heater vents -Window frames and other wood surfaces Our item removal services include: -Trash, clothes, papers, boxed or canned foods, etc -Couches, dressers, beds, futons, desks, entertainment stands, etc -Small electronics, dvds, cds, laptops, computers, etc -Bikes, sports equipment, toys, etc
  • Our Prices
    At A Renew Crew, we are able to keep our rates low and charge a flat fee of $20 per hour, per person (an additional $30 per hour per person for handling hazardous materials and chemicals if necessary) by operating on a cost share basis. What this means is you pay for half of the supplies and equipment necessary and a deposit of half the labor estimate. Upon satisfactory completion of the job, you will pay the remaining labor estimate and that is it. Essentially, we will come give a free estimate of how many hours we think it will take to complete the work with what the labor costs will be and what materials or equipment are needed on an itemized estimate. You will receive an email with the estimate and may accept or reject the estimate. Upon acceptance we will send a deposit request for the materials, equipment, and half the labor estimate. Once we receive the deposit we will begin work on the scheduled start date. Once finalized, you will receive a final bill with a full itemized breakdown. We charge the deposit and materials cost to ensure that we have a guarantee of final payment, client has the ability to pay, and we will not be left footing the entire bill once the work is completed. Because failure to pay is a common issue we seek to prevent it ahead of time by offering lower rates then our competitors with the same level of attention to details.
  • What We Don't Do
    A Renew Crew does have some limitation to what we will do since we charge lower rates than our competitors. The following is not an all inclusive list: -We do not remove personal items from any units unless they are vacant and do not work in any units unless they are vacant. Proof will be required if a tenant has moved or was evicted. -We do not work in any units that have roaches, bed bugs, excessive mold and mildew, blood or other forms of bodily fluids. -We do not do work outside (exterior) of the unit. Additional charges may incur if basements are not attached directly to unit. -We do not remove items over 50 pounds. -We do not handle plumbing or electrical work -We do not do pest extermination. If we find roaches, bedbugs, or other forms of bugs, bats, mice, or rats all work will cease until proof is provided that professionals have handled the issue(s). Any individual caught intentionally not disclosing, or handling the issue correctly, will incur additional charges or contracts may even be terminated. -We do not handle rotten food. -We do not work in any units, with the exception of storage units, that do not have running water or electricity. -We do not work in condemned units or properties. -We do not do renovations such as construction, removing or installing real property fixtures, or the removal or installation of carpet and flooring and drywall. -We do not dispose of appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, tube televisions, etc.
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