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ABOUT Michael F Rader LLC

Michael F Rader LLC is a diverse, multi-division, sole proprietor LLC which was founded in 2020. Beginning with a low overhead hobby woodworking business that converted pallet wood into affordable décor, furniture, and pet related items. As time passed, Michael realized a market for other services that either had a direct impact on his life or he had experience with. Michael wanted to ensure that whatever service or product he offered was able to be afforded, or able to be engaged with, by individuals from all walks of life.


Michael enjoys working with his hands, has been doing so since he was a child, and has a highly trained eye for attention to detail. This is why his woodworking was able to grow into a business that travels around the state from spring to fall selling uniquely handmade wood pieces at a variety of craft shows, fundraisers, and festivals. It was in 2020 Michael discovered that he had a passion for woodworking and each passing year he designs new products, with new tools, that get better and better and Pallet Projects by Michael keeps growing.

In 2022, Michael saw the need to start a platform based around self-advocacy for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, Sexual Abuse, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. By utilizing his own life experiences with each topic, Michael is able to provide valuable firsthand accounts, information, and life experiences to the professional community while advocating for and providing mentoring to individuals. Whether writing scholarly articles based on personal experiences with professional information, attending meetings and giving presentations, or just connecting with others, Our Voices and Life of Wisconsin is a growing platform for all individuals whether as a professional, a caregiver, or an individual living with these issues and it is completely free.

The year 2023 brought about another change for Michael when he began contracting his LLC to clear and clean vacant apartments. Growing up in a family that has always been hands on, and owned several apartments, Michael realized that all his experience could be utilized in a growing market that is constantly growing. A Renew Crew was born and is straightforward, professional, and affordable for most all individuals. Once it was realized this market needed a more affordable alternative to the companies charging $100 an hour, Michael decided to deploy a unique cost effective model that helps keep prices low but still has the same level of professionalism of those high priced companies.

Michael returned to post secondary education and is currently a student hoping to receive his B.S in Legal Studies to further his work in advocacy. On top of this, Michael also enjoys antiquing and vintage finding. Thus, I Spy by Frances Marie was born. Sold online and alongside his woodworking at shows, I Spy by Frances Marie has something for everyone without those ridiculous store markups. Whether it's 100 year old books and vinyl's or christmas tree ornaments from the 1970's era, there is sure to be something you'll love.

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